Workshop session “Access to Land” in the Netherlands


bodem anders

On the 20th of March, the Future Farmers Movement is co-organising a workshop session with the theme “New farmer searches for land”. Getting access to land is a critical for young people to be able to start a farm. For a new farmer, the land not just needs to be available, but it also needs to be affordable! Within this session we will speak with several farmers and discuss how they managed to get their land. Often they use new and innovative models with involvement of the consumer.

Within the workshop we will also hear from “Landgilde”, an organization that couples starting farmers with older farmers, and helps with the process of handing over the farm. Furthermore Stichting BD-grondbeheer, and de nieuwe rentmeester will explain how their model could support new farming initiatives.

The workshop will be co-organised with Brabantse Milieu Federatie. It will be part of the Bodem Anders! conferentie on the 19th and 20th of March in Den Bosch. In this two days you will experience different aspects of sustainable soil management. From soil life and permaculture till precision agriculture, agroecology and the role of consumers. John D. Liu will give a key note speech about ecological restoration and the film Bodemboeren will be screened.

The workshop session as well as the largest part of Bodem Anders will be in Dutch. Here you can find the full program.