Workshop Rural Youth and Young Farmers

Together with Forum Synergies, the Future Farmers Movement co-organises a  Rural Youth and Young Farmers workshop. The workshop will take place in Dronten in the Netherlands from 22nd to the 25th of October 2015.

We will address several relevant issues for young and future farmers & rural youth in Europe. The first day of the workshop we will have an exchange with a European Network on Farm Succession. We will have field visits to several young farmers’ initiatives, farming schools and have a market of initiatives where people can present relevant information on their own relevant project or initiative.

On Saturday/Sunday we will have space to work on themes that we brought forward ourselves. For instance on viable strategies to get access to land or finance, new farming models that are fit for the future or the new role of the consumer. We will get lot of examples and we will be inspired with success stories from all over Europe.

One of the outcomes of the workshop will be a map indicating needs, visions and success stories of Rural Youth and Young Farmers in Europe!

You are welcome to participate! Deadline for registration is 20th of September.

You can register here!