Our ideas

There is a growing interest by young people in sustainable farming. Young people (re)seek the contact to the countryside and consciously get involved in (a better, fairer & cleaner) food production. More and more well educated young people, many of them who do not descent from a farm, would like to set up an agricultural business.

But for young agricultural starters without inherited land and little capital resources it is nowadays almost impossible to commence farming activities. Access to land and capital, (juridical and social) advice and financial prospects form major hurdles, but also social recognition still plays a role.

Despite the many difficulties that young starters face to get into practical agriculture, a small number of young passionate people all over Europe nonetheless have managed to set up or take over sustainable farming initiatives. Many of these young agricultural start-ups develop innovative and viable concepts to market their produce, explore niche markets, diversify economic activities, start “new” relations with consumers and make use of innovative ways to get access to land and capital are as well actively working towards ecological innovations and solutions.

This should be brought to light and be supported!

We want to support these future farmers in building an ecologically, economically and socially viable farming business by facilitating the exchange of inspiration and information among future farmers.

young and sustainable farmers