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The Alternative School of Ecological/Organic Agriculture

alternative school greece

In the historical region of Attica that encompasses the city of Athens, the capital of Greece, a new school (4 years old) continues to gain momentum: The Alternative School of Ecological/Organic Agriculture. This school delivers free of charge courses that offer both theoretical and practical background and it addresses to both professionals and amateurs organic farmers. It aims to give to its students the required knowledge for establishing an integrated and economically viable farm. It has four pillars of learning: Soil – Composting, Vegetable Crops, Crop Protection and Economy of the Field. The courses take place in an organic farm at Kiourka town which is located at the 28th km of the Athens-Lamia Highway. The duration of the school’s curriculum is five months and it runs from winter (January or February, depending from the year) to summer (June or July, depending from when the school started that particular year). The application period is in December or January, depending on when the school starts that particular year, and there are around 100 available seats. The curriculum encompasses twenty courses in total. They take place each Sunday from 10 am till 2-3 pm including both theory and practice. The students have the chance to apply in practice the theory at the farm itself and in this way they gain practical skills, while they celebrate their learning process and physical effort by sharing the harvesting of their work. The farm besides vegetables has a variety of animals, like sheep, pigs, cows, chickens etc., so students have the opportunity to gain insights about how a holistic system works in real life conditions. You can find more info by visiting the website of the school here  (website in Greek only) or by e-mailing at or by calling at +30 694 5263929.

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