Figure 8 Souvenir Marija 5

Report on “Rural Youth and Young Farmers” Workshop

The “Rural Youth and Young Farmers” workshop was co-organised with Forum Synergies and it took place in Dronten, The Netherlands, from 22nd October to 25th October 2015. The high number of applicants, which exceeded by 4 times the available places, shows the need and the increased interest of young people to work on sustainable development in Europe’s rural areas . We would like to thank all the applicants for their interest! Forty young people from 24 different countries across Europe, as east as Armenia and as west as United Kingdom, participated and had the opportunity to share their experiences, get familiar with the reality of the Dutch rural life and build on their own rural Europe.

For 3 full days, the participants went together through diverse programme: the intensive work in working groups was balanced with creating land-art. On the first day, there was a tour by our host the Warmonderhof, the organic farming college


(Figure 1, Maria van Boxtel).

The programme continued with the welcoming by Future Farmers Movement and Forum Synergies and a delicious dinner and ended with a storytelling by Francesco Melita around a cosy campfire (Figure 2, Marija Tomic).

Figure 2 Storytelling Marija 2

The second day of the workshop started with an energiser and two young entrepreneurs, Jaring Brunia and Daphne Lubbers , who shared their start-up farming stories.

Figure 3 2nd entrepreneur Lucie 1

(Figure 3, Lucie Sovova)

Afterwards several participants presented their organizations or projects at the “Market of Initiatives” (Figure 4, Iztok Erjavec).

Figure 4 MoI room on the left_Iztok 1

The day continued with visits to different rural farms, enterprises and projects. These reality checks offered a chance to experience some of the success stories of the Dutch countryside at first hand. After the previous inspirational day, on the third day the participants put on paper their own bright ideas and thoughts about what they need and how they can co-operate in order to put their ideas into practice

Figure 5 Open space Lucie 2

(Figure 5, Lucie Sovova).

The day included an expedition to the nearby woods where land-artist Irma Horstman inspired us in creating our own land-art pieces (Figure 6, Monica Stanica). We continued to be inspired with cool initiatives and organizations: Hannes Lorenzen presented the Rural European Parliament, Liljana Tanevska the Forum Synergies and Micha Lubbers the Youth Food Movement. On the last day of the workshop, participants created a European map of connections

Figure 6 Presentation of art  pieces Monica 1

(Figure 7, Monica Stanica).

The participants left the workshop with happy faces, open hearts and inspired minds!

Figure 7 Map finished Monica 10

(Figure 8, Marija Tomic)!

Do you want to know more details about the workshop? Here you can find the whole report and here you can find the joined material to the report. Hope to see you to our next event! Till then you can always contact us at: