New inspiring film project from our Spanish partner Soberania Alimentaria!


Last week our Spanish partner Soberania Alimentaria launched a new project: La Revuelta al Campo. They created a series of videos about young people that wanted to start a life on the countryside based on activities agriculture, livestock or food production. With the Future Farmers Movement we translate the videos into English and help distributing them!

La Revuelta al Campo portraits in 15 short films how young people are living from land on the Spanish countryside. More and more people in Spain think about starting a life as a farmer, to take sustainable food production in their own hands and supply their products to the local community. However, this is not always easy. These films give lots of inspiration to young people that think of moving to the countryside.

The first film that we subtitled is about Miguel Angel Martinez Diez (28). In the area Rioja, he started cultivating grapes, fruits and vegetables on the 8 hectare family farm of his grandparents. The grapes are dried into raisins and are used to produce a local type of wine: Supurao.

So all-inn! Dive into the pool. You only regret what you have not done!

Watch the film here. Click on cc in Vimeo to get the english subtitles!