Future Farmers in the Spotlight

Future Farmers in the Spotlight

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is an initiative that aims to inspire and encourage the next generation of sustainable farmers. The videos show and share inspiring stories about young farmers who have – despite the many difficulties – managed to set up farming initiatives which are innovative, viable and sustainable!

So far 12 inspiring farming initiatives in The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Greece, France and Spain are available on the website: future-farmers.net. Here we show a selection of available films.

Choose the rural alternative!

Anne Giraud (28) and Remi Lonjon (30) started their small-scale organic berry farm in the mountains near La Brigue in the South of France with the help of Terre de Liens. Next to the organic fresh small-fruit, marmalades and syrups they sell eggs from their 60 chicken on weekly farming markets and through AMAPs (=Community Supported Agriculture groups).

Farm Community Heggelbach

Heggelbach is a multi-generational farm, where young and old support each other with their skills. Being a farmer here does not mean a job for 365 days a year: here a farmer can also plan time for holidays.

Peasant farming in Ireland

Emanuela Russo originally from Italy and Fergal Anderson from Ireland worked for several years for organisations in Europe and abroad. Politically engaged, they have worked among others for the international farmers’ organization Via Campesina. But instead of only campaigning, talking and writing they wanted to practice for they advocated. In September 2011 Emanuela and Fergal moved to the countryside and started their farm!

Tuinderij De Stroom – Growing strong through collaboration!

Tuinderij De Stroom is an organic vegetable farm in a small village in the Netherlands. It is owned and managed by three young women who have proven that it is still possible to start land-based farming activities with low financial investments.

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