Cooperative ‘ΑΠΟ ΚΟΙΝΟΥ’ Crete, Greece

The small cooperative ΑΠΟ ΚΟΙΝΟΥ on Crete, Greece has been started by a group of friends and is based on three pillars: Cultivation, Education and Culture.

One of the friends, Myron could use a piece of land from his grandparents. Together with two other friends they are growing vegetables on raised beds following agro-ecological principles. A few animals also belong to his small farm.

The ideas of the cooperative do not only circle around one farm. The aim of their cooperative is to get together small producers, consumers  and volunteers to build awareness in the community and to promote and live a simple, eco- and nature friendly lifestyle without the exploitation of the natural environment and humans. The young cooperative supports the making and selling of traditional products of small family farmers of the region. For the moment the products offered are olive oil, raisins and traditional Cretan rusk. The aim of the group is also to run a small shop/café in Heraklion and to organise cultural activities.


To the cooperative also belongs a kindergarten which is set up by Georgia (girlfriend of Myron) and Elena. The kindergarten is inspired by anthroposophical philosophy. In small groups the children come together and can explore their creativity and talent.


More information about this new cooperative can be found on their website:






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