FFF at FEI small

Future Farmers Movement at the Farm Experience Internship

The Future Farmers Movement and its Dutch partner organisation Toekomstboeren present it selves at the Farm Experience Internship (FEI), an agroecological summer course initiated by students. We had the opportunity to get in contact with enthusiastic young people that had spent 2 weeks at a farm in the Netherlands as part of FEI’s programme. Two questions were addressed aiming at specific, practical actions: “How would you support your farmer?” and “How Future Farmers Movement/Toekomstboeren can support your farmer?”. Many ideas for different actions germinated! Some of them can be implemented in the short term and some in the long term and some by individuals while other need a collective more organised action. Have a look below and get inspired! Maybe you can start the short term individual actions from tomorrow or even better from today?